About Jesus

Who is This Man?

Across history, billions of people have been enthralled by the person of Jesus Christ.
When Jesus walked the earth in the first century, his compassion, power and grace were magnetic. His command over nature, sickness, evil, and even over death itself drew people from every walk of life to him. They, like so many today, looked at his astonishing life and asked ‘who is this man?’

The Christian faith makes the unique and astonishing claim that, in the person of Jesus Christ, God has made himself known in definable space and time. It claims that if we have met Jesus Christ, we have met the creator and sustainer of all things – the God who made us and deeply loves us. What’s more, it claims that because of Jesus’ death on a cross and his resurrection from the grave on the first Easter weekend, every man, woman and child can come to know the God who loves them too.

At St Stephen’s we host a range of courses to help people investigate in a relaxed environment who the person of Jesus is, and what his life, death and resurrection means for their lives. The courses, run a number of times per year, are open to anyone from any church, or faith, or no faith.

If you are keen to explore the hope that Jesus offers, these courses are for you.

Our Courses

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