What is Sunday Like?

What is Sunday Like?

It can be daunting going to church if you haven’t been before, or in a while.
Here’s some questions we get asked …

I’m not sure about coming. Is church really for me?

We think so. And we want to encourage you to give it a try. Maybe the idea of church as an institution is not for you but the reality of church as a community is? We are a church full of people with different life stories who have found hope in Jesus. We meet together each week because of our desire to know Jesus better and live for him. Come this Sunday and see how you might belong. We’re saving a seat for you. 

Where do I park? Where do I go when I arrive?

There is limited parking on Kenley Rd. If there is no parking left in Kenley Rd, there should be space to park in Dartford Rd, Huddart Ave, Denman Pde and Buckingham Ave.

Once in the church foyer, you can head into the auditorium and find a seat. We suggest arriving 5 minutes before the service start time.

Can my kids come? They might be noisy.

Absolutely! We love having kids in our church and we don’t mind their noise. The 10am and 5pm services offer programs for the kids, or your children can stay in the service with you if you prefer.

Who looks after the kids during the kids’ program?

We have a kids program at the 10am and 5pm services. The children begin the service with the adults before heading to the kids program a little way into the service. Our dedicated kids program leaders all have Working With Children checks and do regular training on how to keep children safe.

What should I wear?

We wear casual, comfortable clothes to church. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Do you collect money?

The members of our church give money to support the ministries of the church. Most give electronically, some via a ‘tap and go’ system or cash box in the foyer. If you are our guest at church, there is no need to give any money.

Do I have to introduce myself or can I come in quietly?

We love having guests at our church and meeting new people. You are likely to be greeted by other members of our church before the service and you are welcome to stay afterwards to chat. Come and go as you feel comfortable.

You might be asked to complete a “connect form” online. The information you give would be used to contact you after the service to see how you found your time visiting, and, if there is any way we can help you or answer any questions you have. You don’t have to fill in this form if you don’t want to.

Will I need to sing? I don’t know the songs.

We sing 4-5 songs during our services that reflect aspects of the Christian message. The words will be displayed on the screen at the front. Join in as you feel comfortable. If you don’t know the songs feel free to read the lyrics and think about them. No one will mind whether you sing or not.

How will I know when to stand up and sit down?

There is a service leader who will make it clear when it is time to stand and sit. Having said that, if you or your children need to access the bathroom, feel free to get up at any point during the service.

How long is the service?

Our services go for about 70-80 minutes. Afterwards there is free tea and coffee and morning or afternoon tea or supper provided.